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Mini Cupcakes & Macarons infused with alcohol

An independent Bakeshop in the heart of Manhattan, looking to turn your next party into an experience your guests will never forget (or better yet, will) Contact us directly to place an order or for further information!

Indulge Responsibly

Signature Classics


These will be the talk of any fiesta. Sweet & savory salted margarita cupcake, infused with Patron; topped with sweet boozy buttercream which could lead to some bad decisions &/or get you into your Drake feelz



Basic B*’s unite! Pretty in pink rosé cupcake with fresh raspberries baked into the batter; topped with fresh berries & enough glitter to light up any lights out pre-game


This cupcake proves everyday can be for the boys.  Dark chocolate chunk beer batter cupcake, topped with a rich irish baileys buttercream. Warning: People may just kiss ya’ thinking you’re irish.


Gurl you summa’ time fine. Fresh & refreshing minty cucumber cupcake; topped generously with rum buttercream. Complimentary hangover included.


Or something like that? A Moscow Mule with a tangy & spiced sugar ginger twist, centered with a sweet liqueur glaze and topped with a lavender infused buttercream. Yes, you read it right..


Try it for the first time today! A twist on the original, this is a lemon based cupcake is SUPER infused with liqueur and dolloped with a lemon meringue frosting – and of course no martini is complete without a lemon twist!

More delicious boozy flavors coming soon!



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Thank you for stopping by & for all the immense support.
We’re happy to cater for any private event or special occasion you may have.
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