is an independent bake shop located in the heart of Manhattan which specializes in serving valued customers with stylized delicious cupcakes & macarons, each inspired & infused with a variety of liquors.  Treats are baked to perfection & pack a punch with liquor in each & every bite!

enjoy a mouth watering sweet treat from a variety of our signature classic flavors, or customize your order however you’d like.

keeping our customers first in mind, we are more than happy to customize flavors for you for any special event or occasion you may have.

Yes, these cupcakes are 21 +

Yes, we card

Founder, CEO & Head Baker: 
Anisha Majithia

if you know anything about her, you know that dessert is her LIFE!

baking for as long as she can remember, Anisha’s passion for baking started with making home made sweet treats & learning professional pastry techniques through her grandmother at a very early age.  Through the years, she spent endless hours of the day glued to the Food Network & has self taught herself a wide array of pastry proficiency that has helped her in perfecting her recipes.

through traveling the world, she’s discovered all different types of desserts – and liquors! – & uses those inspirations in personally creating all her recipes & designing each treat to be a perfect little work of art.

her love of serving her friends & family delicious treats for decades, coupled with her professional tenure in the business world, has inspired her to create an edgy, bad-@$$ liquor based business of boozy cupcakes & macarons for everyone to enjoy. She hopes you’ll join her in her journey & get drunk in love with these treats as much as she’s in love with making them.

Indulge Responsibly!

Note: These treats contain alcohol (obviously)!
Please be mindful if you are not at the legal age to consume alcohol, of all risks associated with alcohol consumption, and are/may be pregnant!